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About Us

We provide the products that will be needed during emergencies, when the normal supply of products and services may become interrupted for days or even weeks. Individual families, organizations, schools, and businesses who desire to be self-sufficient and avoid extreme hardships following a disaster will benefit from planning ahead and owning these products. Disaster and emergency preparedness products include survival packs, emergency food, freeze dried food, emergency water, water filtration, water storage, sanitation, emergency radios, first aid, portable solar kits, CERT and triage.

Our first mission is to ensure that You are prepared. We further strive to become a regional leader in the field of emergency preparedness products, by providing quality products of value to our customers, and by serving to demystify the (otherwise difficult) selection process of these necessary products.  

Shipping Charges

Orders are typically shipped via UPS or USPS with the following charges applied at checkout:

                        Order Amount                Shipping applied at checkout

                                  0 - $64.99                      $8.50

                            $65 - $149.99                    $15.00   

                          $150 - $384.99                    $40.00

                          $385 - $749.99                    $70.00

                          $750 -  and up                   $100.00