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School Emergency Preparedness

These 54 items are selected for consideration in ensuring

the comfort and safety of students, faculty and visitors at schools during a

disaster or lockdown condition.

The breakout includes items in these categories:

First Aid

Search and rescue

Shelter and Sleeping


Lighting and Heating

Food and Water


Pre-Assembled Classroom Kit


Antiseptic supplies
Bandages & tape
Wrap bandages
Eye care
Ice packs
Gauze pads



Disposable splints

Nitrile & vinyl gloves
Dust masks
Safety vest
Work gloves
Metal whistle
Easy E-Vac stretcher
Safety goggles
Caution Tape
Danger Tape
Paramedic blanket
Survival blanket
Tape & tarps

Port a pottie
Sanitation kit

Toilet chemicals
Toilet bags
Wet naps
Hand warmers
Light sticks

Maxell batteries
Food bars
Boxed water
Bull Horn
2 way radios
Classroom Kit
Ready to Roll

Antiseptic Supplies

FA/17FP - Antibiotic Towelettes (Box of 100) weight 14.5 oz

FA/35FP - Alcohol Wipes (Medium, Box of 100)weight 5 oz

Bandages & Tape

FA/37AFP - 3/4'' x 3'' Plastic Bandages (Box of 100)weight 2.5oz

FA/45 - Adhesive Tape 1'' x 10 Yds. (Porous)weight 1 oz

Wrap Bandages

FA/25B - Ace Bandage (3'' x 5 Yds.) weight 1 oz

Eye Care

FA/22 - Eye Pads (Sterite, Box of 50) weight 5.5 oz

FA/22FP - Eye Wash (4 Oz.) weight 5 oz

Ice Packs

FA/27FP - Ice Packs (Large 6'' x 9'') weight 10.5 oz

Gauze Pads

FA/24S - 4'' x 4'' Sterile Gauze Pads (Box of 100) weight 13oz

FA/24C - 12'' x 30'' Multi Trauma Dressing weight 2oz

FA/24E - Bloodstooper Trauma Dressing weight 1.5 oz

FA/24F - 8'' x 10'' Sterile Gauze Pad weight 1 oz

FA/42ST - 3'' x 5 Yds. Kling Gauze Rolls individual weight 1 oz(Non Sterile, 12 Rolls)


FA/31 - Tweezers (Slant End) weight 1 oz

FA/32B - Paramedic Scissors weight 2.5oz     

Disposable splints

FA/GG - Disposable Cardboard (Small,            (12'' x 6'')weight 1 oz

FA/GG1 - Disposable Cardboard (Medium, (18'' x 9'') weight 2.5 oz

FA/GG2 - Disposable Cardboard (Large,    (24'' x 12'')weight 4.5 oz

Nitrile & Vinyl Gloves

FA/GLV-VL - Vinyl Gloves (Medium, Box of 100) box weight 2 lbs

FA/GLV-N - Nitrile Gloves (Large, Box of 100) box weight 2 lbs

Dust Masks

T33B  N95 Particulate Respirator. Box of 20

weight 8 oz

T33SYM-  Ear Loop
- Latex Free
- Low Breathing Resistance
- 99.5% plus particular filtration- 97.5 plus bacterial filtration efficiency Box of 50

 weight 0.4 lbs

Safety Vest

- High intensity lightweight, durable

 fluorescent vest
- Easily seen day or night
- Open weave mesh
-- Weight - 4 ounces

Heavy Duty Work Gloves

T001  1 pair

Metal Whistle with Lanyard

C/88Q This metal whistle includes a lanyard. A great attention-getting communication
device.  weight 1 oz

Easy Evac Stretcher

This light, versatile, easy to store stretcher can be stored anywhere. weight 4 lbs

Safety Goggles

Clear lens. Protects eyes from impact, dust, chemical splash. Soft flexible frame. Indirect vent ports reduce fogging. weight 2 oz

Barricade "Caution" Tape - 300'

weight 1 lb

Barricade "Danger" Tape - 300'

weight 1 lb

FA/11FP - Yellow Paramedic Blanket

 weight 8 oz

Emergency Solar Blanket

84" x 52" Developed for use by astronauts. Solar blankets retain 90% of your body heat
and can be used as ground cover or a shield from the elements.

Duct Tape and Tarps

Duct Tape 10 Yards

Duct Tape 50 Yards

Vinyl Tarp    8' x 10' 

Vinyl Tarp  12' x 12'

Vinyl Tarp  18' x 24'


SH88C  Adult Poncho

SH88A  Children's Poncho

Port-a Pottie

The Honey Bucket (Port-A-Pottie) is a crush resistant 5 gallon bucket and has a durable carrying handle with toilet seat and lid. 3 lbs

55 Piece Sanitation Kit

1 -Roll General Use Toilet Paper
1 - 12 pack of Toilet Liners
1 - 12 Pack of Bio Green
6 - Pocket Tissue
12 - Antiseptic Toweletts
1 - 33 gal. Trash Bag
1 - 10 pack of Toilet Seat Covers
1 - Pair of Vinyl Gloves

Bio-Green Toilet Chemicals

Pack of 12-Dry powder blend of natural enzymes in pre-measured pouches.

Toilet Bags

Pack of 12 bags

Wet Naps

Used to cleanse face, hands and body without soap or water. Air dries in seconds.

Hand Warmers

Very effective, lasts for 8 hours

Light Sticks

6" Green 12 hour duration pack of 50

AC Delco Work Light

  • Super Bright Beam,Energy Efficient, LED Bulb never needs replacement, Durable Rubber Sure Grip, Impact Resistant, Professional Grade, (2) D batteries included.
  • Maxell Alkaline Batteries

    Maxell D  Battery 2 pack

    Maxell AA Battery 20 pack

    Maxell AAA  Battery 20 pack

    Food Bars

    These bars are US Coast Guard approved and have a 5 year shelf life. Please click image for details

    Boxed Water

    These boxes of water are U.S. Coast Guard approved for storage under extreme conditions, and have a shelf life of 5 years.  Each box is 8.45 ounces, and comes with a straw. A case contains 27 boxes.

    Bull Horn - 100 yard range

    Takes 6 "AA" batteries. 3 watt peak, 2 watt rated. weight 2 lb


    2 Way Radios

    Midland LXT 500 VP3.

    Please click image for details.

    Classroom Kit

    Please click the image for details weight 22 lbs




    Ready To Roll

    A comprehensive Search and Rescue Kit. Please click image for details.    weight 60 lbs.

    Antiseptic Supplies
    Bandages and Tape
    Wrap Bandages
    Eye Care
    Ice Packs
    Gauze Pads


    Disposable Splints

    Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves
    Dust Masks


    Safety Vest
    Work Gloves
    Metal Whistle
    Easy Evac Stretcher
    Safety Goggles
    Barricade "Caution" Tape - 300'
    Barricade "Danger" Tape - 300'
    Paramedic Blanket
    Survival Solar Blanket
    Tape and Tarps

    Honey Bucket with seat and lid
    55 Piece Sanitation Kit


    Bio-Green Toilet Chemicals
    Toilet Bags
    Wet Naps bag of 100
    Hand Warmers
    Light Sticks bag of 50
    AC Delco Flashlight
    Maxell Alkaline Batteries
    Emergency Food Bars
    Aqua Bloxes 5 year shelf life
    Bull Horn 100 yard range
    Midland LXT 500VP3
    Classroom Kit


    Ready to Roll Search and Rescue Kit