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“The Leader in producing foods that are reasonably priced, meet the taste test, and nutritional need is AlpineAire Foods.”

AlpineAire Foods is the standout in the freeze-dried field, with tasty meals, realistic serving sizes, no additives, and intelligent packaging”

“Some of the most satisfying meals in our test came from AlpineAire Foods.”

Emergency Food

Emergency food is addressed for both short term and long term emergency preparedness. The short term requirements are contained in the Survival Packs and Office Emergency Kits. They are designed for the first 3 days, when our normal supply of food may not be available. They are food bars which require no preparation, and may be kept in the car at 149 degrees for 5 years. Freeze dried food is the best option for a food storage program. The 5 day and  7 day Gourmet Instant Meal Kit consists of freeze-dried food in pouches, with a shelf life exceeding 5 years.  The entrees are available in designed programs to provide 3 delicious meals per day for one person for 45 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. 
Meal Kits in pouches

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Emergency Food Bars